Voilets are Blue

Valentine’s Day has come and gone like it does every year.  This year, my friends and I were originally suppose to attend the Strawberry Letter Erotic Poetry event but due to her having to have a last minute emergency surgery the event was cancelled.  Days before Valentine’s my friends and I are scrambling to find something else to do.  We settled for a Pre-Valentine’s Day Comedy Explosion.  The event was hosted by Marlon Mitchell with the comedy stylings of Brian Da Wildcat Smith, Sheree Luckett, and Mark Simmons, featured on HBO’s Def Jam.  Fel Davis, of Public Announcement, performed several songs at the event, as well.  The event was nice considering we were able to find it at the last minute.

This year I didn’t want to wear anything red, pink, or that resembled love.  I just really wasn’t feeling those colors this year.  I purchased the navy White Collar Crime dress from Fashion Nova.  It was a simple, yet classy dress that would be prefect for the night.  I paired the dress with my camel lace up pumps I purchased from Makemechic, who recently revamped their website, so make sure to check out their new items.  I also wore large teardrop dangle earrings from Aldo, which I ended up having to take off because I lost one of the backs.








The ended up having a ball!!! Can’t wait until the next event with my friends.


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