Supervision Required

In efforts for the senior class at my school to raise money for their spring senior activities they decided to throw a turnabout dance titled “A Night at the Masquerade.”  The dance was held in the gym, which was decorated really nice, offered finger foods, digital and printed photos, and music. They had a good turnout at the dance and the students really seemed to enjoy themselves.

I volunteered to be a chaperone for the dance but knew I would have to find (buy) something to wear.  Taking into the consideration that I would be around his school boys, and also my coworkers, I knew many of my dresses would not be appropriate for a school function.  Since, I only had a could of days and really didn’t have time to shop, I started by looking on the internet for ideas of dresses that I could wear.  I found a couple of dresses that I could probably get away but I was hoping that they would have them in the store when I got there.

Upon arriving in the mall, I went into Windsor because they usually have items that appeal to my taste.  A sales lady greeted me asked me if I needed helped. I declined because I kind of had an idea of what I was looking for in the store.  I walked over to where the black dresses were and saw the one from the sight but wasn’t really feeling it.  The same rack had a mannequin with a red lace skirt on it.  I look at it but walked away because red isn’t a color that I like to wear.  After circling the store, the saleswoman came and asked me again.  I explained the situation to her and what I was looking for and she led me back to the same rack.  She pointed out a black dress that I overlooked and the same red skirt.

I chose the skirt since it had flare to it, eliminating issues I might encounter.  I paired the skirt with a black mock neck bodysuit. I wore my black nubuck strapped curved wedges and my red spiked clutch.  Finally, I added my large chunky black and clear beaded necklace, a pair of black and gold stud earring, and set of gold plain bangles.  Oh, and a borrowed Aldo Accessories mask from the bestie boo.













Overall, I enjoyed hanging out with the kids and can’t wait until the next event.


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