Happy Blue Year!!

As 2016 gets underway, it’s the time of announcements of some sort, setting resolutions with the intention of keeping them this year, and the old saying of “out with the old and in with the new.”  After reflecting on 2015, I have realized that even though some goals I wanted to accomplish were not met, my year was pretty freaking awesome!!!  My main focus of the previous year was for me to become a better person.  A better me!! I can honestly say that in the year 2015 I have grown.  I have been able to articulate my feelings and matters of the heart better.  I have been able to build an awesome relationship with a group of women, who have helped me become a better woman, mother, and advocate of self.   Plus, I had a couple of the best vacations with some amazing friends.

This year I’m not done growing, figuratively of course.  I still have some growing and learning about myself to do.  I recently received a text message from my best friend that said, “Be encouraged friend, in due time!!! What God has for you is for you, just make sure your house is in order to receive what is for you.  Because he won’t give it to you prematurely.”  As I read the words, I wept.  I realized that I have been focusing some of my energy on the wrong things.  So this year my focus is on “my house” and how I can improve it.  When I say house I mean me and things that effect me and mines.

This year a group of friends decided to bring the year in together by having small gathering at a friend’s house.  Since, we were celebrating the New Year in a simple manner I decided to keep it comfortable.  Last summer, I ordered a pair a Privilege Rowe wedge sneakers from Akira that I had been wanting to wear for at least 6 months but could not find anything to wear with them.  Finally, while Christmas shopping, well not so much for other people, I came across an email from one of my favorite sites stating 25% off new arrivals.  I thought to myself let me check it out.  As I scrolled, I came across a simple blue pullover sweater that would go perfect with the shoes.  I added my newly purchased black coated jeans in between the two items.  I added my silver link and teardrop chain combo from Aldo, with my simple silver bangle from Akira, and pandora bracelet to complete the look.






May this year be a prosperous, productive, and plentiful.  Happy New Year!


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