Crossed Over Crepe

This past weekend, I stepped out to support a friend who was promoting having a party to his business, as well celebrate his birthday.  As a black society, we are quick to say “we don’t have anything in our community,” or “this business will not survive,” or “.”  In all honesty, we do not support each other.  The task of starting a business is daunting enough and then for the community that you live in not support your dream is devastating.  I’ll never understand why we fail to support our black owned businesses.  I understand that some times people fail to promote their businesses effectively or do not accommodate to the masses but those are usually isolated occurrences.  As a black community we need to work on supporting each others’ ventures no matter how big or small.  On that note, if you live in Northwest Indiana please checkout Soul’d Out on 57th and Harrison in Merrillville, IN (Shameless plug!).

On this outing, I chose to wear a teal crepe ribbed jersey crossover keyhole dress.  I ordered the dress and a pair of sequin leggings a couple of weeks ago from while I was browsing for something to wear for New Year’s Eve.  I caught it 25% off and couldn’t pass up the deal.  Since, the dress covered my neckline I figured a necklace was not needed.  I opted to wear a pair of large drop earrings, from Aldo Accessories, because my hair was up in a bun off my face.  I added some contrast with my pointed-toe leopard pumps, which are considered the new black.




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