Chicken and Pancakes…No Waffles

As you know it’s Sagittarius season, which means it’s not only my daughters birthday but my sister in love’s birthday, as well.  If you know my sister then you know her favorite thing to eat is pancakes.  One of her close friend’s coordinated a surprise birthday party for her at a local club.  The invites stated we would be popping bottles and eating pancakes all night, but it was just a joke because syrup definitely does not go with liquor. When she arrived to the club, we requested that the DJ play “It’s Yo Birthday” by 50 Cent and she just cried because she was not suspecting a thing.  Needless to say we partied into the early hours of the morning and she had an amazing time.

Before, I went to Vegas when I was searching for things to take on the trip I found a longline vest on a site that I frequent.  The vest came in several colors. I debated on which color I should get and eventually chose the burgundy because I already owned some booties in the same color.  During, my Black Friday shopping I found a simple mauve midi dress that I thought would be great underneath the vest.

My shoes are always the last thing I put on before I walk out the door.  When I tried on the burgundy booties I was not feeling the shoes with the outfit.  Thinking quickly I tried a floral pair of heels and I wasn’t feeling those either.  My last resort was a pair of leopard heels that I had recently purchased.  I instantly knew the shoes were a perfect fit for the combination. The look was completed with my layered necklace set and gold teardrop earrings.







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