VEGAS TAKEOVER: Travis to Vaughn Nuptials

Weddings are special days that are to be remembered forever.  The couple got married on a Saturday evening in the Juno Garden at Caesar’s Palace.  I recently just saw the pictures from the wedding and they are phenomenal.  The garden was a nice and intimate setting.  After the wedding and the pictures we traveled to the Stratosphere Casino and Hotel.  We journeyed to the 104th floor of the hotel where the reception was being held.  I thought the view from the Foundation Room was amazing but this view was jaw dropping.  We even got to see people bungee jump off the hotel.

            To the wedding I originally order an olive green floral dress from Akira but when I received it and tried it on it wouldn’t zip up all the way.  So I had to make a dash to the store to exchange because it was only days before I was supposed to depart for the trip.  When I to the store I first tried on a white floral dress that I saw online too but I ran across the same issue.  It would not zip up all the way.  After thinking for a while I realized that I might have to resort to a skirt because the dresses that I liked weren’t working for me.  The skirts happened to be on sale 30% off which was a plus.

            I ended up finding a white floral skirt and a black turtleneck bodysuit.  I chose this skirt because a week prior to visiting the store I was in Aldo and found the cutest necklace with the olive green in it.  The necklace matched perfectly with the skirt.  The salesperson advised me to wear some tan shoes with it.  I was reluctant, at first, but I really liked the way the tan shoes looked with the skirt.  I added a pair of olive green stoned earrings and my black gold linked clutch to complete the look.

I ended up having a wardrobe malfunction where I could not zip up the skirt all the way, it kept getting stuck at the double stitching.  It looked as if it was supposed to be made that way giving the illusion of a v-shape in the back of the skirt.

            I’ll definitely remember this wedding and trip to Vegas for the rest of my life!











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