Flawless Rendition

 Fall is great!  The weather is perfect, not too hot, but not too cold, just PERFECT.  This weekend, I have to been packing for my upcoming trip to Vegas and was struggling to find something find something to wear to a party hosted by a friend of mines.  I wanted to save a lot of my new stuff to take on the trip because as women know, we NEED options when we go on vacation.

This summer I came across a pleather skirt that I had yet to wear, while I was trying to find something to wear to my friend’s birthday dinner.  I said to myself October would be great time to wear this skirt because it won’t be so hot.  When I began to think about what I could wear tonight that skirt came to mind.

I always use fall and winter as an opportunity to wear my ZigiGirl tan boots.  I knew pairing the skirt and the boots would be a success.  I simply added a white tee with the skirt but together it still looked like an incomplete outfit.  So, I found one of my red and black flannel shirts which I tied around my waist.  I added my gold link chain and bracelet with my small brushed button earrings to complete the look.

It wasn’t until I met up with my friends that one of them pointed out I looked like I should have been in the flawless video.  I chanted “I woke up like this!” with the hand motion after she said it.  We laughed and enjoyed the rest of our night.  The look wasn’t an exact replica to what Beyoncé and the dancers wore in the video but I think I put the outfit together well.






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