Meet The Parents

            The syllabus has been written, homework has been assigned, test have been administered, and progress reports have been distributed. Now, it’s time for Open House. We are about six weeks into the school year and parents are coming to the school to see what’s really behind that letter grades from the progress reports.  Parents want to know about their child’s behavior, grades, and attendance.

When meeting anyone it is important to make a great first impression and meeting parents should not be an exception. I prefer to be comfortable when I am at work because I tend to move around the class but I pulled a heel out the closet and decided to wear it for the parents.

I wore a pair of light camel chucky heeled shoes. I paired the shoes with an off-white dolman top and a pair of olive soft pants. I added my gold coin statement necklace to complete the look.




I’m pretty sure I made a good impression during the open house and I hope to be in communication with the parents in a positive manner.


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