Horace Mann Alumni Weekend: And Something Casual

Rain or shine the Horsemen always come out and represent at the picnic, this year was no different.  Horace Mann’s track field was packed tents, cars, grill, DJs, and Horsemen celebrating their beloved alma mater.  The weather the day of the picnic was perfect.  It wasn’t too hot or cold, and the sun was shining bright.

Since, I was going to be at the picnic I knew I wanted to wear something casual ad super dressed down because I was going to be doing a lot of walking.  So I decided to wear my retro Jordan Bred 11’s.  Working my way up from the kicks, I wore my high waist beach bum jeans, with a black camisole, and army fatigue button up shirt.  I completed the look with my small brush gold button earrings and gold link necklace.







            Overall, the part two of my birthday celebration was awesome and I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday next year with the Horsemen again.  I’m going to actually buy a shirt next year.


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