I Got Sunshine

           Since, I’m such a devoted teacher I didn’t think twice about going to work on my birthday.  Honestly, I think it’s because my birthday is at the beginning of the school year and my students haven’t completely gotten on my nerves yet to where I use my birthday as a sanity day (teachers understand I mean).

Of course, I wanted to be extra cute on my birthday but didn’t want to overdo it for work.  I remember purchasing this lime green midi skirt back in May.  Mentally, I had the perfect outfit for the skirt but I just hadn’t found all the pieces to put the outfit together.  Since the look I originally had for the outfit wasn’t coming together I decided to debut the skirt on my birthday in another way.

I brought a little sunshine to a gloomy and rainy day by wearing my lime green pencil skirt, dark blue denim chambray top, and my leopard print loafers.  I accented the outfit my full metal gold belt which helped transition from the top to the skirt perfectly.  I accessorized with my matching gold link necklace and bracelet.  I also added my small brushed gold round earrings.




My students were great, my food was great, and my drinks were even better.  Overall, today was a good day!

Why not shine at least one time a year!!!


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