Brushes and Bottles

            I think the older I get the more the club scene doesn’t appeal to me.  Last year, I did a bowling outing that Friday before my birthday and then went downtown the following Saturday to a club called “The Shrine.”  This year was a little different than last.  I celebrated my birthday at a local business called “Brushed and Bottles.”

            What is “Brushes and Bottles?”  “Brushes and Bottles” is a local business where an instructor guides you through painting a picture, all while being able to sip on wine or beer.  Since, I had a party of 10 I was able to bring in food for my guest.  My family, friends, and I were able to drink, eat, laugh, joke, and enjoy each other’s company.  It was absolutely awesome and something I would totally do it again!

            Since, I knew I would be around paint I wanted to wear something casual.  I wanted to be casual enough where I could still step out for a possible drink afterwards, so the night wouldn’t end so early.  As late as the morning of the painting party I did not know what I was going to wear.  I decided to take a trip to the mall to possibly get my creative juices flowing.

            When I got to the mall I knew I wanted to hit my two favorite “Go To” stores, Windsor and Akira.  I walked through Windsor not really seeing anything I liked so I trucked it upstairs to see what Akira had to offer.  I shuffled through the racks not really seeing anything but when I got to the shoes I saw the cutest pair of black fringe wedges.  I immediately thought the wedges would be perfect for the night. The more I fell in love with the shoes, the more I began to think about what I had in my closet to compliment the shoes.  I left the mall with another pair of shoes to add to my collection and the perfect outfit in mind.

            I paired the shoes with my red pencil skirt, and my black with white letters “Te Amo” graphic tank from Windsor that I purchased a few weeks earlier.  I went with my red braided necklace, my large gold bushed button earrings, and my gold bangle bracelet set to compliment the outfit.  I pulled my faux locs up in a high bun and was ready for the night.







      I had an amazing night and I know year 32 is going to be great!


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