Sundress Season Part 3… Harem Me

            When you know it’s going to have a busy Saturday being comfortable is always what’s most important. This past Saturday was no different. My daughter and I went from swim lessons, to the nail shop, to a picnic, and then a first birthday party. Let’s just say by 8 o’clock I was pooped and didn’t want to do anything else. Since, I knew I would be out and it would be hot, I wanted to wear something loose and still be cute at the same time.

On any other Saturday, I would just throw on a pair of jeans with a t-shirt but since it’s summer time and the weather hasn’t been on our side this season I have to jump at every chance to wear a sundress. Actually, the dress featured in this blog isn’t really a dress but more of a jumpsuit because it has two openings at the bottom, one for each leg.

This past Saturday wore a black harem jumper, which I purchased last summer (but can still be found on Since, the jumper is loose fitting jumper, I wore a burgundy camisole underneath it. I paired the jumper with my leopard ankle strap platforms (purchased last summer) and added my lion link necklace and bracelet.






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