Sundress Season Part 2… Royalty with a Hint of Lime

I really loathe the word or phrase “Sundress” but after doing research I found that it was the best description to the dresses that I will be wearing for this series on my blog. Sundress is to maxi dress as relation is to function, or for you non-mathematicians, as metaphor is to simile. A maxi dress can be a sundress but a sundress cannot be a maxi dress.

Here’s a quick lesson on the terms. A sundress is a style of dress and can be any length. A sundress is usually worn in warm weather, considered casual, and usually made from lightweight material. A maxi dress is refers to the length of a dress, usually ankle lengths. So now that we have a better understanding of the terms, sundress is the better term in describing the dresses for the series.

            The 4th of July weekend got pretty warm by Sunday and I knew I wanted to wear something that would keep me cool since I knew I would be out enjoying the weather. To end the weekend, I wore the “Nicole Strappy Bodycon Midi Dress” featured on The dress was very lightweight, comfortable, and appropriate for the weather. I paired the dress with my lime Celtic Knot necklace with matching dot earrings. I completed the look with my favorite pair of sandals, purchased last summer from Journey’s, the Leena Multi black and beige. Finally, I added my denim cutoff vest over the dress before heading out the door to enjoy the day.





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