Sundress Season Part 1…Chucks and Stripes

            Let me start off by saying “MIDWEST WEATHER SUCKS!!!” We are well into summer in NWI (Northwest Indiana) and I have yet to wear any sundresses because the weather has been whack. We have had rainy, cold, basically overall crappy weather all June but July is looking up and on that note I am going to do a series of Sundress Season blogs. The blogs will cover how I wore my sundresses and took full advantage of the weather and summer days and nights. I’m not sure how many parts this series will have but I’m looking forward to sharing my sundresses with the world. I’m feeling an Indian summer ahead of us.

            To jump-off the series I found this sundress on GoJane’s site around the end of April. Although, I just checked and it’s been restock on the site in not only black and white but also in red and white dress too (which I’m thinking about ordering). When I say the dress I knew casual would be a great way to rock it.

I wore the dress the day before the 4th of July holiday and I knew I would be running around most of the day running errands in preparation for the holiday in addition to watching the fireworks at dusk casual would be the way to go. I added my “to go” pair of white Chuck Taylors with the outfit and my denim cutoff vest. I completed the look with my matching silver heart toggle necklace and bracelet I purchased from Piercing Pagoda.






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