Father’s Day Dance

Today, as we celebrate all the fathers in our lives, R & R Productions, my mom and one of her close friends, paid homage to all the fathers in Northwest Indiana by giving their 10th Annual Father’s Day Dance. The dance attracted fathers, mothers, couples, steppers, and even people just celebrating their birthdays to the Genesis Center. R & R Production had a Best Dressed Father and Mother contest and even had raffles for prizes.

Since, I knew the crowd would consist of a more mature crowd I decide to dress modest for the event. I wore a “Pink Sweeten Me Up midi skirt” (found at Windsor), an olive “Made the Cut croptop” (found at Windsor). I paired the assemble with my camel colored teardrop strappy cutout heels, my gold button earrings, and gold link chain.

Overall, the night was great and mellow. I can’t wait until next year!







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