Up For A Challenge

The vision I had for my blog when I started it was for it to not solely just cover the things that I wear but to challenge me, as well. I also want to give advice and educate the misguided and fashionably challenged individuals in the process. During one of my random, well not so random, Facebook scrolls of my news feed I saw that one of my friends were doing one of those monthly photo challenges. So that gave me a great idea to do a Google search to see if there were any challenges I could complete for my fashion blog.

            I stumbled across this the 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge (Blog: EverydayKendi) originally started by blogger Kendi Skeen in 2010. The 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge is taking 30 pieces of clothing, that you already have in your closet, and remixing them into 30 outfits for 30 days without repeating a outfit. I thought this would be the perfect challenge because I don’t have to buy anything to participate in this challenge. I decided I would complete the challenge for the month of May because it was the next full month coming up and perfect for me to keep track. Instead of posting my outfits everyday I will be chucking the outfits into just six posts through the month.

So here are my rules for the challenge:

  • 30 pieces of clothing and shoes, not including under garments (camis included), or outerwear (depending on the weather)
  • Can NOT repeat an outfit
  • NOT to shop during this Challenge

Disclaimer: I will be wearing my Day 30 outfit on May 31 because I will be attending a wedding.  Also, these outfits are for daytime and evening purposes only.  They do not include and club attire, if I choose to step out.

My items



1. Dark denim chambray top 2. Dark pink chambray top 3. White V-neck tee


4. Orange bow top 5. Black and white striped top 6. Black basic top


7. Grey shell top 8. Black button-up top 9. Royal blue chambray top



10. Green maxi dress 11. Black leather skirt 12. Red pencil skirt



13. Black skinny pants 14. Blue skinny pants 15. Blue floral pants


16. White pants 17. Denim skinny (distressed) jeans 18. Army fatigue pants 19. High waist denim jeans



20. Black/blue/green floral flats 21. Black nubuck flats 22. Gold flats 23. Camel Steve Madden sandals 24. Blue flats






25. Green utility jacket 26. Cut off denim jacket 27. Dark pink/purple blazer


28. White Blazer 29. Multi-colored leaf blazer 30. Blue flower kimono

Wish me Luck!


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