Between the Sheets Tour

When I found out that Chris Brown and Trey Songz were coming together to do a concert, I knew I had to be in attendance. I’ve been to plenty of concerts so I knew I wanted to be comfortable seeing that I would be standing up most of the time. My original outfit got vetoed because my friends and family kept telling me that I could come with a better outfit than that and I needed to be dressed sexier, when I was just going for comfort.

So the day before the concert I set out to find something to wear. I really had no direction and didn’t know what I wanted to wear but I knew what my first outfit wasn’t going to cut it. After walking around for several hours not really finding anything that caught my eye and talking to several sales associates and still not getting any direction. I decided to make one final run through the stores again, and thankfully Akira came to the rescue.

I originally was just buying the flower inspired jacket because I thought it was cute but after talking to one of the sales associates she suggested that it would be perfect for the concert. I paired the jacket with a black pencil skirt and my most comfortable black Mary Jane wedges. The finishing touches were added with my peach studded clutch, Cuban link chain with matching bracelets, and gold button earrings.





The concert was great and I can’t wait to attend the next one.


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