Cookies and Cream

As Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I can say it was pretty nice. This year yet again I celebrated it with my best friend. We decide to just grab some dinner and eventually enjoyed some cocktails at a local venue. The past few years I’ve been feeling the need to get extra dressed up even though I’m just going out with a friend.

I saw this dress a couple of weeks ago on Instagram and new it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Despite it being cold, I still wore it. The dress was called Cookies and Cream on the site Fashion Nova, a California based clothing store. The dress was cream with black accents throughout it. The dress caught my eye not only because I knew it would hug all my curves but also because it’s one of my favorite style of dresses, midi. I paired the dress with a pair of black studded pumps. A hint of red was added with my braided bead choker, studded clutch, and Mac’s Ruby Woo matte lipstick. Gold accessories in the form large textured button earrings and a gold bangle set completed the look.








I hope your Valentine’s was great and spent with the one(s) who hold a special place in your heart!


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