Splatter of Fact

​Squad is at it again!!! Rain, sleet, or snow squad turns up together! Last night was no different.  Squad came together for another birthday celebration, you would think we were deep because it always seems to be someone’s birthday but my circles stay small.  We partied the best way we know how, HARD!!!

I wore a horizontal black and white stripped dress.  The dress was covered with multicolored paint splatters that added a hint of funky to it.  Since there were so many colors throughout the dress I wanted one of the colors to pop out, so I wore my royal blue link choker and royal blue Steve Madden clutch.  I accented the choker with a set of gold accented bangles and a pair of large textured button earrings.  I went with my black wedges because of the snow.  I recently got Senegalese twist in my hair; I wore them up in a high ponytail with the braids to the side.









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