Dick’s Last Resort

It’s a celebration.  A birthday celebration!  My cousin wanted to do a Ladies’ Night in celebration of her Golden “31st” Birthday and decided to go to Dick’s Last Resort.  The experience was absolutely hilarious and very fun.  If you’re not familiar with Dick’s Last Resort, it’s a restaurant where the waiters are outrageous, sarcastic, and surly.  One of best parts of the experience is reading the insults on the hats that you wear during your dinner.​If you’ve never been to Dick’s Last Resort you should go because it is definitely a memorable experience.

​With it being dinner and given the type of atmosphere we would be in, I kept my attire casual.  I wore a burgundy asymmetrical zipper panel jacket, which included faux leather, cotton, and jersey knit.  I wore my burgundy peep toe buckle booties.  I also added an extra bit of burgundy with a quilted crossbody bag that I wore as a clutch.  Gold accessories were added to complete the look.











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