New Year Better Me

As 2015, gets into full swing I know people have made the usual New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym more, save money, diet, and etc. Many of those resolutions will not even survive the month of January. So, I’ve decided on a more realistic resolution. In 2015, I want to become a better me. I want to create new relationships/friendships with people. I want to build good relationships that turn into great relationships and I want to start with the relationship that I have with myself. I want to have a better understanding of what it is to be me.

            After talking to a close friend of mines he really enlightened me on why we, as humans, were put into the world, to love. Spreading love to every deserving individual that crosses your path doesn’t have to cost you a thing. Love is the easiest feeling to express but probably the feeling that is taken the most for granted. So when a stranger smiles at you, smile back. If an acquaintance sends a good morning text, reply. If a friend does a favor for you, show your appreciation. In the year 2015 let’s Pay It Forward. If someone displays a nice gesture concerning you, all you simply do is display nice gesture, no matter the magnitude, to three different people. It takes less energy to smile than to frown. Let’s become better individuals in society.

            Now let’s get to the fashion. I kicked off my 2015 festivities with a birthday celebration of a close friend. Since winter is in full effect, I wanted to be cute yet comfortable. I wore a burgundy shoulder-slashed sweater with a pair of dark denim high-waist jeans. The focal point of my ensemble was my floral wedge booties. I completed the look with my matching gold link chain and bracelet and button earrings.







Remember to PAY IT FORWARD!!!  A trend can start with you


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