Hail to the Horsemen!!!

Well September has come and it’s almost gone. Everyone knows the Horace Mann All Class Reunion dance occurs in September, which is always off the chain, with that being said, Horace Mann showed up and showed out like no other. The Horace Mann Reunion Dance is held for a few reasons. In the past, individual graduating classes were not getting great participation and turnout for the reunions,. So a group of graduates got together and decided it would be a great idea if they created a school wide reunion. The second reason for the reunion is because people were friends with people from other classes and did not want to pay to celebrate with them, so the reunion was a great way for friends to celebrate together. The last reason is because in 2004 the Gary Community School Corporation decided to close Horace Mann so it was a great way to continue to celebrate the school. So in 2003, the Horace Mann All Class Reunion was born.

The Horace Mann Reunion weekend consists of individual classes throwing parties on Friday at different places throughout the city. Saturday afternoon alumni get together and have a basketball game at one of the local high schools. Saturday night is when the big celebration takes place. The reunion takes place at one of the biggest venues in the city, the Genesis Convention Center. Hundreds of people come from far and near to partake in the festivities. The venue is decorated in the school colors, with two DJs (to cater to both the younger and older crowd), and the reunion also allows the individual classes to take class photos. On Sunday, the committee organizes a picnic on the school grounds where former graduates can set up tents, grills, and music to celebrate. The committee gives away free barbeque and drinks while supplies last.

Okay so enough about that, I know you want to know what I wore. Let’s start off with the footwork. This was the focal point on my outfit. The shoes I wore to the dance were the stud passion printed heel by Red Kiss. Since, the heels were so busy I work a black crisscross back tube jumpsuit. I added a red beaded braid chocker, gold-brushed dot earrings, and gold and black bracelet set.





Other pictures of the festivities!!!













This chair is in memory of my auntie Ms. Debra Curry.  We lost her earlier this year this was the first year she wasn’t with us at the festivities.  She will be truly and dearly missed. (She loved Betty Bop!!!)



I can’t wait until next year to do it all over again.


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