No Comparison

If you’re anything like me, I know you frequent the Internet just to see what the celebrities are wearing especially during red carpet events such as the Grammys, Oscars, and Emmys. Since, I know chances of me attending an event where I will be able to wear such a dress, I usually get more excited about the celebrities everyday looks. Those are the looks that I know I can duplicate with my budget.

So as I was browsing through sites online one day I saw a picture of Nicki Minaj in an animal mix print dress that was the The dress just was so different. It was a long sleeve mini dress making it very versatile. Short in length where I could wear it during warm weather but still long sleeve that makes it wearable throughout the winter months.

I kind of pushed the idea of me owning the dress to the side because I assumed that it had to be a high-end dress because a celebrity was wearing it. To my surprise, I happened to be on Facebook, I glance at the sidebar seeing an eBay add with the dress that Nicki Minaj is wearing. My first thought is like really that ‘s the dress. I click on the link to see the dress was only about $30 so I had to have it.

Since the dress already had so many different patterns I decided to pair it with more subtle accessories and shoes. I chose a pair of black nubuck wedges, gold spike earrings, and matching link necklace and bracelet. I am in no way comparing my version to Nicki’s version because she rocked the heck of the dress but I believe I did a pretty good job making it look just as good when I wore it.







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