On The Run!!!

EPIC!!! That’s the only word I can use to describe it. If you’ve seen Jay and Bey perform individually you know they can put on a show, but together it was nothing less than AMAZING. They performed every song you thought they would plus more. The chemistry between the two was amazing. They even dedicated a part at the end to Blue Ivy, which was so sweet and sentimental.

I enjoyed how they interchanged between his lyrical verses and her beautiful sonnets, which kept everyone on their feet the entire concert. So I knew heels were out of the question. Keep it cute and comfortable was my goal for this concert and I think I accomplished it. I was a bit worried about the weather since it was an outside event but I went with my gut and it paid off.

So I wanted to go with a statement piece and I chose my bottoms to be the piece. My bottoms were a pair of distressed fringe pants, high waist of course. I added a black bodysuit, and a white mesh ornate sweatshirt. I added my multi-colored sandals for a pop of color. I chose accessories to match the sandals. A lime chain necklace, gold dot earrings, zigzag bracelets, and a retro gold stretch watch added charm to the outfit. I was worried about being cold and I actually got hot from all the singing and dancing.





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