Party Party Party!!!

The second part of the series will consist of party looks. Whether you’re going on a date, attending a day party or hitting the club, you still want to look fabulous.

Part 2

Look #5: Day Party

No one said you have to party when the sun goes down. When the weekend hits there may be a Day Party near you. Day parties are all about being cute but still daytime comfortable. The “Day Party” look consist of a multicolored tie-dye inspired crop top, DIY distressed shorts, blue single sole heels, blue link necklace, blue clutch, and gold earrings and bracelets.




To find this look:

Top: Body Central | Shorts: DIY | Shoes: Akira | Heels: Akira | Necklace: Akira | Clutch: Burlington | Earrings: Body Central | Bracelets: Charlotte Russe | Glasses: Charlotte Russe

Look #6: Date

A lady always has to be date ready because you never know where the perfect gentleman is going to take you. Whether you’re going to dinner, to catch a movie, just for a walk in the park it’s imperative that you look fly. My date look consists of a tan and black maxi dress. I wore a gold block body chain with the dress and balanced the chain with some large gold statement earrings.   I added a black with gold studded clutch and black single-sole earrings.






To find this look:

Dress: Windsor | Shoes: Windsor | Body Chain: Gojane | Earrings: Body Central | Clutch: Discovery | Glasses: Gojane

Look #7: Club

Now no summer is complete without hitting the club at least once. My club look had to be fierce, so of course I had to wear some animal print,which I absolutely LOVE!!! I wore a mixed print leopard dress, with fuchsia platform heels, gold link chain and bracelet, and a gold brass knuckle clutch.





To find this look:

Dress: My Addictions Boutique | Shoes: Victoria’s Secret | Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Bracelet: Gojane | Glasses: Windsor

PHOTO CREDIT: Mr. Maurice Walker Photography @more_REESE


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