Summer Summer Summertime!!!

Since summer is in full effect with schools being out, the weather being great, and people vacationing, I felt we were overdue for a “Summer Lookbook” from Josie’s Closet. If you’re anything like me, during the summer you don’t want to be in the house, especially after the winter the Midwest just experienced.   Summer is all about taking full advantage of the daylight and extending the nightlife. This “Summer Lookbook” will be a three-part blog covering some of my favorite summer activities.

Part 1

Look #1: Hanging out with the Girls

I don’t know about you but every time I hangout with my friends it’s a good time. So for the “Hanging Out With the Girls” look I wore a kaleidoscope bomber jacket, a burnt orange cami, and rolled up cutoff shorts. I paired the look with gold link chain camel Steve Madden sandals and satchel.





To find this look:

Jacket: Boohoo | Cami: Wetseal | Shorts: Wetseal | Belt: TJMaxx | Shoes: Macy’s | Purse: Burlington | Earrings: Body Central | Necklace and Bracelets: Piercing Pagoda | Watch: Wetseal | Glasses: Charlotte Russe


Look #2: BBQ

There’s nothing like a good time at a BBQ. What usually comes with a good time? Good FOOD! So going to a BBQ is able about being comfortable. Between eating and chatting with friends and family, you might want to jump in a game of volleyball or tag with the kids. The DIY cuffed shorts were a good start because they were very comfortable. I wore the shorts with a white cami, a paisley kimono, and silver sandals.





To find this look:

Kimono: Alloy | Cami: Wetseal | Shorts: DIY | Shoes: Macy’s | Purse: Burlington | Jewelry: Piercing Pagoda


Look #3: Shopping

Even though I’m obsessed with Internet shopping there’s nothing like hitting the streets and catching the latest sale. I stay locked and loaded ready to go hit the nearest mall, outlet, or supercenter. For the shopping look I went with a oversized printed jacquard tee, oversized white t-shirt, and boyfriend jeans. I paired this look with some white converses, a black Romeo and Juliet satchel, shamballa bracelet and necklace, and princess cut studs.





To find this look:

Shirts: Boohoo | Pants: Windsor | Shoes: Shoe Carnival | Purse: Burlington | Jewelry: Piercing Pagoda | Glasses: Kmart

Look #4: Just Chilling

Sometimes going it’s all about just sitting back and relaxing. Everyone has to rejuvenate and recuperate from the day-to-day activities. There is nothing like watching a movie or reading a book while snuggled up on the couch and why not look good doing it. This look consists of a patterned skater dress, multicolored sandals, a blue link necklace, and princess cut studs.





To find this look:

Dress: Victoria’s Secret | Shoes: Journey’s | Necklace: Akira | Bracelet: Piercing Pagoda | Earrings: Piercing Pagoda | Purse: Burlington | Glasses: Kmart

PHOTO CRED: Mr. Maurice Walker Photography @more_REESE


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