Extended Stay

I know you are wondering what you should pack if you are going on a trip that is five to seven days long because six pieces will not suffice the fashionable traveler. This actually can be a good thing because you will possibly have more luggage space plus more flexibility on what you can pack. This will be the second part of a 2 part series on packing for a trip.

On this trip you can choose one or two color stories, still sticking with fits and styles that match everything and are appropriate for the type of trip. This will give you more variety and opportunities to mix and match.

For this trip, there are 10 essential pieces consisting of six tops, four bottoms, and two dresses. Your suitcase should include two tank tops and two short sleeve shirts. The fabric should be preferably synthetic and quick drying. Also include two long sleeves shirts, one that buttons up that can double as a jacket or cover up. I prefer tunics because they are very versatile.

The four bottoms can include jeans, leggings, and travel pants. Travel pants are those that can be converted from shorts to pants and even worn as crops. Jeans can be heavy but they rarely need to be washed. You can’t go wrong with a pair of denim shorts or a maxi skirt. Also, two dresses should be included in your suitcase. The dresses should be lightweight in fabric, a solid vibrant color/print. A convertible dress is ideal or even a little black dress that can be quickly transformed from day to night with appropriate accessories.

Don’t forget to pack a jacket. You can also pack one or two swimsuits with at least two bras (can also include a sports bra if traveling conditions are rough) and necessities of course. Since, this trip is longer you can pack three pair of shoes: include an athletic pair, flats, sandals, or flip flop. The third pair can be a pair of shoes that can be used to dress up your travel outfits.

Now for my favorite part, accessorizing! When packing for vacation include one or two complete sets of costume jewelry in your suitcase which contains a pair of earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Also, a fashionable, versatile belt that can be worn with jeans or to accent a dress should also be included.

Now you are ready!!! Zip up the suitcase; sit it by the door, and its time to go and HAVE FUN!




This blog was comprised from research completed via the net and is only a suggestion.


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