The Weekenders

As the Memorial Day holiday weekend approaches, this means it’s time to get ready to pack for all those trips you’ve been planning during those long, cold winter months.  As you finish the final touches on the family trip it is now time to pull the suitcases out the cubbyholes and corners you’ve stored the last 8 months and conquer the final task, PACKING!  This will be the first part of a 2 part series on packing for a trip.

The first part of the packing series will be packing for a weekend trip.   Whether you’re going on a romantic getaway with the boo, taking the kids on a road trip to the Dells, or just going to the annual family reunion packing is all always the part that you dread.  If you’re like me, you want to take your whole closet in that small carryon bag.  Here are some helpful hints and essentials you need in your bag before you hit the road.

My first suggestion to limit luggage space is to choose a color scheme.  Choosing a color scheme is important because it will allow you to be able to mix and match pieces together.  After a color scheme is chosen you want to choose pieces of clothing that have classic fits, go with everything, and are appropriate for the trip.

Secondly, what do I pack?  There are six major pieces that have to be included in your suitcase.  The pieces are three tops, two bottoms, and one dress. Depending on the destination’s climate you should pack two tank tops/long sleeve shirts, and one long sleeve button up shirt, that could double as a light jacket if needed.  The suitcase should include a pair of pants (cargos or jeans).  The dress you should take on the trip with you should be lightweight in fabric, a solid vibrant color/print or just be a neutral khaki/black dress.  A sundress would be perfect because it is versatile for day and nightwear.

Since the hard part is over, you can now add other necessities to your suitcase with ease.  Please don’t forget to add a jacket and underwear of course in the suitcase.   You can’t forget about shoes. Include one athletic pair and the other can be a flat, sandal, or flip flop.  A fashionable belt is always important because you can wear with jeans or dress.  Last but not least a swimsuit should be included.  Let’s not forget how importance of accessories. Choose your favorite pair of earrings and jewelry item with some mascara/eyeliner.

Now you are ready!!! Zip up the suitcase, sit it by the door, and its time to go and HAVE FUN!




This blog was comprised from research completed via the net and is only a suggestion.


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