How Do You Do It?

At 30 years old, I can say that I’ve really never dated a man.  Things always seem to move so fast that the dating aspect quickly gets lost.  After I had my daughter I really stepped back from the dating scene but now its time for a change.  I recently decided it was time to get out there and test the dating waters out and, of course, I had to look fabulous while doing it.  Last week, I went on a first date with a pretty cool, short gentleman.  I decided on a dressy casual look.  I wore a twisted peach sweater, thigh-high cutout distressed jeans, and cream quilted chain faux leather booties.  Ladies beware of your heel height because we can’t be out there towering over the man in our 6-inch heels, my mistake.  Overall, I enjoyed the date and I can’t wait to get out and meet new people.







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