Search and You Shall Find

About a month ago, I decide that I wanted to get super cute for Valentine’s Day.  So the hunt began for the perfect dress.  I knew what I wanted to wear but it was just a matter of me finding it.  I began to search on all of my favorite sites but I was coming up empty, I just couldn’t find what I was envisioning in my size.  Right when frustration was about to set it, I decided to go revisit one of my favorite sites for everything else, AMAZON.  As you may know, one can find anything on Amazon within a reasonable price.

While searching for the perfect dress, I found not one but four dresses that I just had to buy and all were under $20.  As you know when ordering online there are always concerns, Amazon is no different.  When ordering something from Amazon always read some of the customer reviews.  The reviews help you decide what size to order, how the item fits, and the quality of the product.  Also, many of the items from Amazon are shipped internationally; so if you are looking to wear this item by the end of the week unfortunately Amazon usually estimates shipping to be about three weeks.  However, on many occasions I received my order in days even weeks for the expected delivery date.

The first dress is a black, long sleeve scoop neck midi dress retailing for $19.99.


The second dress is Asian floral long sleeve bodycon party tunic dress retailing at $15.39.


The third dress is a long sleeve retro square print midi dress retailing at $18.00.


The final dress is a black, cap sleeve wet look midi dress retailing at $17.90.


I can’t wait to see what I’ll find next.  Although I didn’t wear the black scoop neck dress on Valentine’s Day, even though it arrived in time. I am looking forward to wearing the great dresses I found at very reasonable prices and telling you all about each one. Stay tuned!!


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