Fix My Broken Heart

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I hope everyone spent the day/weekend with someone special.  Well I got the chance to spend the evening with a very special gentleman and wanted to get extra cute.  The focus point of my attire for the night was a necklace I found while shopping for Christmas presents.  The necklace featured a heart covered with red rhinestones connected to a gold bold chain.  The chain is unique because it appears to be broken with a Band-Aid holding it together, which is very symbolic.


Since, I wanted the chain to stand out I chose to wear it a sleek black long sleeve scoop neck midi dress.  I pair the chain with a gold cuff bracelet and gold-brushed dot earrings.  I paired the dress with red Mary Jane platform pumps and a red spiked folded clutch.  I hope your Valentine’s was as special as mines and you looked just as great.





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