Lace-Up This Spring

As spring is approaching, retailers are putting their winter items on clearance and advertising their “Spring 2014” line.  After quite a bit of window shopping, I must say this spring’s must-have shoe is a single-sole laced wedge in a chestnut color. These wedges are so versatile and can be paired with you favorite pair of shorts, shredded jeans, sundress, or skirt.  They can even be worn into the summer months.  There are two different pairs have caught my eye.

The first pair I found was on GoJane’s site.    It is a 3 and ½ inch faux nubuck wedge, which currently retails at $34.50.


The other pair I saw on Charlotte Russe’s site is a 4-inch wedge made of vegan leather retailing at $35.50.


Either pair would be a great addition to your closet.  BEWARE of SALES!!!  You just might catch them cheaper.


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