Jogging Isn’t Just for Sport

The latest fashion trend is joggers.  Obviously, I couldn’t be left out the fashion circle, so I ordered a pair of black patent leather joggers, last spring from Sonya Bee’s Boutique.    My challenge was what kind of top to pair with the joggers.  A sporty look would have sufficed with these joggers but I wanted to kill the club scene.  So I went searching for the perfect top.  I was beginning to get frustrated because I couldn’t find a top that would work with my body shape.  Everyone I saw wearing them had on the dreaded crop top.  I know better than to be out here walking around with my stomach out.  Eventually, I put the joggers in the closet hoping I would one day find something to go with them.  A couple of weeks ago, I was out shopping with a friend and stumbled across a leopard body suit in Body Central.  I instantly thought about those joggers and knew the two pieces would be perfect together.  To finish off the outfit I added a pop of color, royal blue.   I wore royal blue heelless wedges, a royal blue and gold necklace, and a gold cuff.

Leather Joggers 1



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